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With its bittersweet ending only 2 weeks ago, most of us have diligently logged in every Friday for the last month and a half to view the latest episode of WandaVision, but now we can't help but feel a hole inside of us which can’t be filled. At least until Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes out. Naturally, I had to write a post about the series or the MCU in general. The show may have answered various questions about Wanda’s Past and the MCU in general, it still left us with many more. Specifically the idea of an extended Multiverse or alternate universe.

Most of us, were hyped when we first saw Peter Evan’s character in episode 6 of the series. We finally thought we had an X-men - MCU crossover, but instead was disappointed to instead see that its just Ralph Bohner controlled by Agnes. However, we still are hoping to see a crossover in the future, indeed Dr Strange 2 is called Multiverse of Madness. If such a crossover were to happen, how can we scientifically crossover to another universe?

A multiverse is a hypothetical group of universe. "Together these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them." The different universes are called parallel universe, many worlds, alternate universes etc. Similar to how galaxies for a galaxy cluster or neighbourhood, the group of universe form a multiverse. A parallel universe can be entirely different from our own: our ‘earth’ may be a barren wasteland, water is poisonous, the sky is pink etc. Or they may be the same except for a few features: Hitler won, genders are flipped, we have superpowers, newton never discovered gravity.

Similar to how time travel was explained in Avengers Endgame, a small change in history - killing Hitler when he was a baby - can create a branch reality or a parallel universe. In Endgame’s case, killing Thanos in the future - or the other universe - and all the mess they made by going back to the past, created a branch timeline wherein Loki is still alive, guardians never formed and other possibilities which would probably be explored in ‘What if’.

A few theories about multiverses include Bubble Universes, Daughter universes, Mathematical universes, Parallel universes. The ones which we will focus on are Daughter Universes and Bubble Universes, which seem the most probable for the MCU.

“Or perhaps multiple universes can follow the theory of quantum mechanics (how subatomic particles behave), as part of the "daughter universe" theory. If you follow the laws of probability, it suggests that for every outcome that could come from one of your decisions, there would be a range of universes — each of which saw one outcome come to be. So in one universe, you took that job to China. In another, perhaps you were on your way and your plane landed somewhere different, and you decided to stay. And so on.”

“Another theory for multiple universes comes from "eternal inflation." When looking at space-time as a whole, some areas of space stop inflating like the Big Bang inflated our own universe. Others, however, will keep getting larger. So if we picture our own universe as a bubble, it is sitting in a network of bubble universes of space. What's interesting about this theory is the other universes could have very different laws of physics than our own, since they are not linked.”

The bubble universe is what can connect the X-men Fox universe, Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman and Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman. Before Disney bought the rights to all the characters by the acquisition of the 21st century Fox. Previously, none of the ‘universes’ were connected and hence the bubble universe can account for the new characters which might be introduced. The daughter universe theory can subsequently explain the ‘branch timelines’. While the theory of the multiverse was explored briefly in Doctor Strange, they were depicted more as realms, or dimensions and not universes in a sense. Now comes the issue of how can we cross over to the universes.

A possible way can be through black holes. Black holes are mysterious entities in the universe. It is a space in space - no pun intended - where there such a strong pull of gravity that even light cannot escape it. They are ‘dead’ stars, which were once so massive, and because of their huge size, when they die all their matter will be squeezed into a tiny space which causes the huge pull of gravity. Since light cannot escape it we cant ‘see’ blackholes, hence we don’t know what they are and what happens if something goes into it.

An underlying theory is that black holes function as "wormholes". Wormholes are a region in space, a type of tear, which allows a connection to another part of the universe. ‘It is a speculative structure that links disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.’ Maybe in the MCU a wormhole or black hole can be used to connect the multiverses together. The upcoming Spiderman movie will have cameos from Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina and Tobey Maguire. Tom holland’s Spiderman will get sucked into a wormhole, travel the multiverse and will have ‘no way home’.

But wait… Don’t we already have a way of travelling through parallel universes in the MCU? Didn’t they do that in Endgame with the help of the quantum universe? Well yes but no. They used Pym particles to go through the quantum realm and travel back in time in their own timeline, they couldn’t go to another universes' or possibilities past. When they changed the past then they created an alternate timeline or branch reality. Technically once they changed the past the Avengers should have been stuck in the branch reality and them coming back to their present is a plot hole.

However, As mentioned in Agents of SHEILD it was used to go between timelines, "You went back in time, and then you branched off. But we can travel through something called the Quantum Realm. So we can go in between timelines.” But we don’t consider Agents of SHEILD to be technically in the MCU, the events of AOS don’t affect the MCU (while the MCU does affect AOS). It seems like we can only go the timelines that we have branched out. The quantum universe is unpredictable and the laws of time and space don’t work the same way. 5 years in the quantum realm seems like 5 hours, hence maybe a breakthrough in Darcy’s or Jane Foster’s research could lead to some possibility of travelling through the multiverse.

A theory for the subsequent introduction of the multiverse is that "Dr Strange could be trying to stop Wanda from getting back her kids - as shown in the post-credits of WandaVision- for some reason, she will be so livid that, she has her biggest burst yet knocking her unconscious and Strange would have to fix it" according to a user on Reddit. However, we may never know, the multiverse is a curious thing and every marvel fanatic has a different opinion on it. We will simply have to wait until Spiderman 3 No way home or Dr Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. Who knows they might even introduce it in Falcon and Winter Soldier when we least expect it.


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